How can I download and log in to the Linksys app?

To be able to change details such as your WiFi password, parental controls, and split your WiFi frequency, you will need access to the Linksys app.

It gives you complete control over your home network, with intuitive features such as parental controls, guest access, easy set up and much more.

Download the app on your preferred app store:

app link

Or simply scan the following QR code from your device:

linksys app

Logging in to the app

To gain access to your Network settings via the app, simply launch the Linksys app and follow these next steps:

  1. Click "Log in".

app log-in

2 . Then click on "Log in with Router Password".

app login form

  1. Click "Reset Password".

reset password form

  1. Enter the five-digit recovery code located on the product label shown at the bottom of any of your routers that are part of your Velop system.

recovery code

  1. Once the code has been entered, you will be prompted to enter a New Password and an optional Password Hint.

password form

  1. Click "Submit" to save your settings.