I am having coverage issues. What can I do?

Put simply, the broadband coverage in your home is how far your router's signal can travel to connect your phones, laptops, and other devices to the internet. The router coverage is largely dependent on the size and structure of your home, as well as where the router is placed in relation to where all your devices are being used.

For example, the thickness of the walls in your home can have an impact on the coverage of your broadband. Additionally, having your router on one far end of the property when all your devices commonly used are on the other side, will result in a less optimal internet experience.

As a first step, make sure your router is positioned on a shelf as high as possible so as to reduce the likelihood of the signal having to pass through physical objects, which would blunt the signal. Additionally, the router should preferably be positioned in a location in the property that is central. As the router sends out its signal in all directions, if the router is placed in the corner of the property, much of the signal is being sent outside, which does not help the coverage in your home.

How to improve your speed

improve your speed

If you feel your router could be placed in a better location, reach out to us via Chat or submit a request and one of our agents will discuss your options.

If these conditions have been met and you are still finding weak spots in your home, or have certain rooms where the speeds are significantly slower, we offer what is known as Mesh technology.

Our Linksys routers are capable as acting as Mesh routers — that is, we are able to place a second Linksys router at another part of the property, which will connect wirelessly with your main router, and further send out the internet signal in the property.

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This way, more of the property receives a strong connection. You can receive one or more of these additional routers by adding an additional router to your broadband package for £5/month per router.

Get in touch with our team today via chat or submit a request here and we'll add an additional Mesh router to your package.

For information on broadband, WiFi and internet speeds, check out our Speed Explained page.