Static IP Address

What is a static Internet Protocol address (IP address)?

A static IP address is a fixed address assigned to a device or computer on a network. Compared to a dynamic IP address, which can change each time a device connects to the network, a static IP address remains constant.

What are the benefits of a static IP address?

Having a static IP address offers several advantages, including:

Hosting services: If you want to host a website, run a server, or set up remote access to your devices, a static IP address allows others to find and connect to your services.

Remote access and Virtual Private Networks (VPN): A static IP address simplifies secure, remote access to your network as you won't have to keep track of a changing IP address when connecting from outside.

Networked devices: Some devices, such as security cameras, may require a static IP address for proper configuration and remote access.

Who is eligible for a static IP address?

Static IP addresses are currently available to all our Business Fibre Broadband customers.