I have no internet. What can I do?

Losing your broadband connection when you're in the middle of doing something can be really inconvenient. So, we're here to help you troubleshoot your connectivity to get you back online as quickly as possible.
First, locate your router and modem

If your modem has no red lights, and your router is displaying any light other than a blue or turquoise, take these steps:

  1. If your router is displaying a red light, please unplug the power cable from the Linksys router, and then turn off the power switch from the wall socket. Leave the cable unplugged from the router for three minutes, before plugging it back in and waiting two minutes for a solid turquoise light.

No internet

  1. if the router is displaying a purple light, instead, check that the Ethernet cable — the cable that connects from your Adtran or Huawei modem into your Linksys router — is connected into the correct slot on the router. This slot should read "Internet" on top of it.
  2. If the cable is in the correct slot on the router or still remains purple after changing the slot, turn the router upside down and hold down the red reset button for 15 seconds, or until there is no longer a light being displayed on the top of the router. Then wait two minutes for a solid turquoise light.

Please note here, your WiFi name and password will have been restored to the default, which you can find underneath your router.

If the modem's first two lights are green (second can be flashing), and the third is red, this means that the issue sits between the modem and the router. In this case:

  1. Check that the Ethernet connecting into the modem is securely fitted and snug. Please also check that the router end of the cable is also fine.
  2. Check that the Ethernet cable is connected to the correct port in the router, which should have a grey line above it, or be declared "Internet".
  3. If still red after adjusting, look to replace the Ethernet cable if you have one spare.

If your modem is displaying a red light in the second slot (green, red, green):
No internet

  1. First look to the back of the Adtran or Huawei modem and check that the green fibre cable is securely fitted into the modem. It may have become loose. If loose, please fit back in securely.

No internet

  1. If the cable is already secure, unplug the fibre cable and check for any dust with a cotton swab or tissue. If dust is present, gently brush out the dust.
  2. If following these two steps, the second light is still red, follow the fibre cable to where it goes to the faceplate on the wall. Check that there are no bends or breaks or crease on the fibre cable that could cause the fibre signal to not reach the modem.

No internet

  1. If there is a bend or crease, use your thumb and index finger to remove the crease. If the bend is at the faceplate and there is spare fibre cable, remove some of the coil on the cable to remove the bend.
  2. If, there, the cable is torn, please reach out to us via chat or submit a request and we will request an engineer to visit the property.
  3. If, however, there is no tear and the cable is smooth, unplug the cable from the faceplate and from the modem. Then power off the modem for three minutes.
  4. Turn the modem back on and if after two minutes the second light has not turned green, from the faceplate you should be able to follow the fibre cable to see where the cable enters the property. Follow the cable externally to see if you can see any damage.
    Examples of broken fibre cable:

No internet
No internet

  1. If you cannot see any damage, then please contact us via chat or submit a request. We will go through additional troubleshooting with you and book in an engineer visit if needed.

What if any of my internal or external equipment or cabling is damaged?

Please submit photos of the damage as well as any additional details to our team via chat or submit a request. We will review the extent of the damage and be able to assist you with the best course of action to get you up and running again.