I am experiencing drop outs. What can I do?

Drop outs are occasional disconnections in your broadband connection and can be extremely inconvenient when you are trying to use the internet.

Did you know that simply restarting your router can resolve most drop out issues?

To do this, turn off your router using the switch at bottom of router, turn off the plug at the wall and unplug the power cable at the socket on the router for three minutes.

Re-connect the cable, switch on at the wall and turn your router back on, using the switch at the bottom of your router. Please do the same for your Adtran or Huawei modem.

Connecting to the internet over WiFi, rather than a wired connection can mean that your connection is less reliable. This is because depending on the layout and structure of your home, it can be more difficult for the signal to pass through walls.

However, we do understand that a large majority of our customers connect mainly through WiFi, and as such we've provided some troubleshooting steps below:

  1. Sometimes, the issue sits within the device itself (phones and laptops need downtime, too).
  2. If you have already turned off your router, please also turn off the power of your device (phone, laptop, etc.) for three minutes, disconnecting it from an external power source if it has one.
  3. Forget your Community Fibre WiFi on the device's network settings and then reconnect to the WiFi. This creates a fresh connection from your device to your router, getting rid of any errors that have found themselves stuck on your device.
  4. If you are using a VPN, check with the provider that there are no issues on their side.
  5. Look to replace the Ethernet cable that connects between your modem and router, as this may be damaged.
  6. Move closer to the router and work from there for an hour and check if you experience any drop outs. If you don't, your issue is likely related to coverage and this article should provide you with some helpful troubleshooting tips for coverage issues.
  7. Use the Channel Finder function on the Linksys app, as your drop outs may be based on congestion on the WiFi channel.

Here is how to connect your router to the Linksys app

To connect your router to the Linksys app, follow our instructions here.

Once you have connected your router to the Linksys app please follow the instructions here to use the Channel Finder function.

Sometimes, your router may also be close to large electrical devices or metal objects that also reduce the signal strength in your home, causing disconnection. Avoid placing a router next to a fridge or a microwave.