How do I start a recording or schedule a future recording?

After you have set up your USB stick for recording you will be ready to start recording your favourite shows and series right away. You can record while watching, or you can set your Community Fibre TV to record a show

Recording live TV:

  • While watching a television show you would like to record, press the OK button on your remote control.
  • This will display the show information and also a "RECORD" button which can be selected.
  • Here you can start the recording of the show you are watching and for certain shows you can select to start a "series record" that will record all episodes of this television series as they air.
  • All recorded shows will be available under the MyTV avenue on your Community Fibre TV.

Schedule a future recording:

  • On your remote control, press the "TV GUIDE" button to bring up your TV guide showing all shows over the next, and previous, seven days.
  • Find the show you would like to record and click "OK" on your remote control to bring up more info.

Here you can select to record the particular show or series.

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