How do I reschedule my installation on My Account?

First, you’ll need to log in to your online account. We are currently rolling out this service to all our customers, so please wait to receive your email before you try to log in.

Once you are logged in, you should see your installation appointment date and time slot. Below that, there will be an option to reschedule your appointment:

Click “Reschedule my installation” and it will bring up a calendar displaying any available time slots for you over the next four weeks.

Simply click on your chosen timeslot and then click the green next button.

After this, it will ask you to confirm that you are happy with your chosen slot.

Once done, you’ll see a confirmation message that your installation has been rescheduled. If you go back to your My Account home page, the new timeslot should be reflected there.

Please keep in mind that if you wish to reschedule your installation for a date that is more than four weeks in the future, you’ll need to get in touch with our Support team via live chat or submitting a request to us here.