Community Fibre Calls frequently asked questions

How does the Calls service work?

The Community Fibre Calls service is a modern VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service delivered over our 100% full-fibre network. In other words, you use the internet to make and receive phone calls.

As such, you do not use, or pay for, a traditional phone line based on the old traditional copper network. This enables us to both cut the cost to you whilst providing an excellent voice quality.

Please note in the event of a power cut or a broadband failure you need to have an alternative such as a mobile phone to call the emergency services, as your Calls service will not work.

How do I connect my Calls service?

Our Calls service requires a phone adapter to function, and we'll send all you need to get up and running - free of charge.

The great news is, once it arrives, the hardware is essentially plug-and-play. To get started, simply connect your phone adapter as per the diagram below, showing how your adapter functions alongside your router and handset (not included): Phone Adapter  Connection

Will my Calls service still work if there is a power cut?

Our Calls service requires a working broadband connection and electricity to power the phone adapter. If there is a broadband failure or power cut, your Calls service will not work. In case of an emergency, you must always have another means of making calls, such as a mobile phone, to contact emergency services.

However, we do offer a battery backup device for £30, which will allow you to continue using your service during a power cut. Please note that the Calls service will not work with your battery backup if the internet connection stops working.

I'm an existing broadband customer and want to add a call plan, how do I do this?

Please reach out to a member of our team via chat or submit a request to add a call plan to your broadband contract. Please note, that we will renew your whole contract and will send you the equipment with an email for set up instructions.

I am signing up to your Calls service. Can I choose my phone number?

The number will be assigned entirely at random, and we are unable to modify or choose the number.

What does my call plan include?

The Everyday Landline and Mobile call plan include unlimited calls to UK landline and mobile numbers (01, 02, 03 and 07) excluding Channel Island numbers, as well as UK Emergency services and UK freephone numbers. Please note that you are unable to dial international or premium-rate numbers.

Do I need a new phone handset to use your service?

No, you can use your existing handset. The Community Fibre Calls service uses a phone adapter that plugs into your router and then to your existing handset. However, if you don't already use a handset then you will need to purchase one.

Do I get all the same features I have with my current phone provider? Voicemail, call waiting etc?

Yes, all the features you had previously are also available with our Calls service. Unlike other telephony providers, we have designed our service to use the same buttons on your handset as BT for ease of use. Plus, we offer a great feature where any messages left on your voicemail are emailed to you with a recording. This means you'll never miss a voicemail, and you can listen to the messages on the go without having to access to them. Great if you run a business from home. contact card

Will I get a new number with my phone package?

If you choose not to keep your existing telephone number, you will be given a new 020 London telephone number which will be emailed to you after you've been installed.

If any of your questions have not been answered above, or you require further support, simply get in touch with our team via chat or submit a request.