How do I port my number to Community Fibre from a previous provider?

If you want to port your existing number from your previous provider over to us, please let us know when placing your order.

You can also let our Sale Representative know when discussing your package upgrade or reach out to a member of our team via chat.

If you wish to submit a request, please mention in the request what your existing number is as well as the name of your previous provider.

Please note that once we initiate the porting process, it will take 12 working days. We'll keep you updated during this time and let you know by email once it's been sorted.

Please note that to make sure that you do not lose your number, please do not disconnect your existing phone line with your previous provider until we notify you that your number has been ported successfully.

To find out more about the porting process, or to get started with porting your number, simply get in touch with our team via chat or submit a request.