How do I connect my Calls service?

Community Fibre Calls is a modern VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service powered by our 100% full fibre network. In other words, you can use the internet to make and receive phone calls.

Our Calls service requires a phone adapter to function, and we'll send all you need to get up and running - free of charge.

The great news is, once it arrives, the hardware is essentially plug-and-play.

To get started, simply connect your phone adapter as per the diagram below, showing how your adapter functions alongside your router and handset (not included):

phone adapter

phone adapter port

To get a better understanding of your new service, take a look at our full range of Calls FAQs.

Please bear in mind that our call plan is for UK landline and mobile calls only. You will not be able to dial internationally or to premium rate numbers. For these calls we recommend you use your mobile plan or dedicated web apps.

Our Calls service requires a working broadband connection and electricity to power the phone adaptor. If there is a broadband failure or power cut, your Calls service will not work. In case of an emergency, you must always have another means of making calls, such as a mobile phone, to contact Emergency Services.

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