How can I transfer my account?

If you wish to transfer your account out of your name to a different legal entity*, we can help. We can transfer the contract to a legal entity without making any changes to your existing contract.

We will need a few things from you to get the process started:

  • The reason for the change
  • The new account holder's full name
  • The new account holder's email address
  • The new account holder's phone number

We will then contact them to make sure they are happy to take over the account and that they accept financial responsibility. Once that's done, the account will be in their name. Simply, get in touch with our team via chat or submit a request and we'll get to work on this for you.

Wait. What 'does legal entity' mean?

A legal entity would either be an immediate family member or partner. For example, your father, mother, brother, sister, wife, husband, son or daughter.