My first bill is not as expected

As a new customer, we want to ensure that you don't encounter any unexpected charges or surprises on your first bill. As such, your first bill may include any of the following:

  • The individual monthly cost in advance for your broadband service.
  • The individual monthly cost in advance for any additional services, such as TV or Calls.
  • A part month charge – "pro-rate" for any charges incurred before the bill period. Click here for more information about pro-rates.
  • A one-off fee of £14.95 for setting up your account.

Your first bill will be itemised, giving you a breakdown of everything you are being charged for and the date the charges cover.

You can also check your bill against your order confirmation to ensure everything adds up.

If anything on your bill, is unclear or you wish to discuss any of the charges, discounts or services, please get in touch via chat or submit a request.